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How Sleep Impacts Your Health

Sleep is a natural, essential part of life but we often don’t get enough of it. When you lie down on your mattress after a long day at the office it’s important that the time you spend there is really effective. There is evidence that sleep decreases risk in nearly all areas of life! Here’s a list of ways that a lack of sleep can impact your health.

  1. Energy: This one is obvious and quite well known. Speed, agility, and rate of comprehension can all be quite sluggish when you don’t enjoy a restless sleep.
  2. Cognition: Your ability to comprehend cognitive tasks can be impaired when you’re not well rested. That means that everything from your ability to engage in a meeting to making decisions at the wheel can suffer.
  3. Weight Gain: When your body is struggling to keep up with you during the day the speed of your metabolism can take a major hit. Did you know that missing out on 3 hours of potential sleep each night can cost you 200 calories the next day?
  4. Hypertension: Stress tends to be elevated for poor-sleepers, resulting in raised blood pressure. Over time this can result in permanent hypertension as the body’s natural healing and soothing processes can’t perform adequately.
  5. Depression: A lack of sleep can go far beyond a grouchy mood in the mid-day slump. Over time, disrupted sleep patterns can result in depressive thoughts and actions. Sleep is a key time for your brain to rest and rewire and a lack of restful sleep can steal memories and dull moods.

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How Sleep Impacts Your Health