Decorating with Texture for the Holidays

The wintery, holiday season evokes warm, cuddly memories that you just want to wrap up in to watch the snow fall. Long before the snow is falling, depending where you live, you can create the same holiday charm and association in your home. One of the most creative, classy ways to achieve this is to experiment with textures.

  1. Shimmer. All things gold, silver, sequined, and jeweled bring an excitement to the holiday season. Capture the beautiful shimmer of icicles with shining ribbon, bows, and ornaments around your home.
  2. Raw. Create a stark, modern contrast in your home decor by placing raw, elemental touches alongside shimmer and sparkle. Use real cuts of exposed wood, twigs, berries, and pine cones to bring the earthy paradise of winter into your home on a charming hearth display.Christmas
  3. Cozy. It’s time to pull out the comfiest loose knit blankets, pillows, and Afghans in an array of Christmas colors. You can leave the tree-clad, elf-centered designs in the closet and pull out more subdued holiday references instead by designing with combinations of Christmas color in mind instead of obvious shout-outs.
  4. Bright. Amp up your holiday cheer with decorations that are merry and bright! Christmas lights don’t have to look tacky draped around windows and across mantles. Utilize candles, reflected light in mirrors, full bulbs, and traditional lights for a fun textural shift in brightness that gives your home a Christmas-y glow.
  5. Accessorize. At Tyndall Furniture, we have thousands of accessories to choose from, at affordable prices. Stop by our two furniture locations and spice up your decor for the holiday season!

Designer Accessories

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