Deep Plum in Home Decor for Fall

Fall is a beautiful season that is often associated with change, a mixing of warmth and coolness, and, most of all, color. Home decor trends often try to pull the natural beauty of the changing leaves indoors and you’ll see a lot of orange, red, yellow, green, and brown. This color palette makes sense but perhaps is a little too straight forward? This year, decorate your home with a color that looks and feels like fall: deep plum.Fall at Tyndall Furniture

  1. The darker the better. Plum lives within the purple color family which often symbolizes royalty and creativity. Aim for a dark, deep plum color to discover a richness that you just can’t find with a lighter hue. Related closely with brown, navy, and black, deep plum makes you feel rooted.
  2. Play with Texture. Fashion is deeply tied with the seasons too so it’s fun to play with home decor trends that bridge the two worlds. Swap out your throw pillows and blankets with chunky knits, herringbone patterns, and wool with deep plum accents to make your home amazingly cozy and calm. Tyndall Furniture
  3. Savvy Sophistication. Plum is one of the trendiest fall colors right now in home decor because it’s timeless, sophisticated, and easy to morph with holiday flair. Ditch the kitschy pumpkins, multi-color wreaths, and leaf placemats and, instead, set out pine cone mantle displays with fake winter berries for a subtle punch of color or display plum and silver accented candles to create a more sophisticated fall scene.

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