Cozy Fall Decor

Fall is here and it’s time to cozy up your home! Here are some ideas from our team at Tyndall Furniture:

Light Up Candles

Somehow when fall comes we all anticipate the cooler weather and shorter days. Our daylight instantly becomes a rare commodity until spring rolls around. Everyone relaxes when candles are lit. Take advantage of early nightfall and embrace the darkness by lighting scented candles around the house. The candlelit ambiance will help relieve stress and anxiety after a long day at work. Also the aromatherapy from scented candles is proven to assist the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself.

Tyndall Furniture


Layer Area Rugs

Layering area rugs is an easy way to add color and texture to your floors. There are no set-in-stone rules when creating this look; just make sure the bottom rug pokes out below the top rug to show off the layering effect. I like to use a solid flat rug on the bottom and layer with a fun print in different colors on the top. Even using two solid rugs with different textures will give an artist perspective of depth in your space. Plus, the extra cushioning and warmth will ensure your feet avoid cold tile and hardwood floors during the fall and winter months. Check out our rug selection.

Tyndall Furniture

Update With New Pillows and a Throw

As the weather gets cooler, the family will start spending more and more time indoors. Cozy up your living room sofas and chairs with plush throw pillows in different shapes, sizes and patterns. Comfy accessories add visual interest to your living room, plus they’ll emit a warm, inviting tone perfect for the season. If your blankets and throws have been stored away since last winter, run them through the washing machine before putting them back in use. A handwoven throw adds subtle warmth and texture to a neutral sofa or make a bolder statement with a bright throw that contrasts your sofa. Hosting a movie night with friends and family? Be sure to keep pillows and blankets handy to ensure that guests are warm and comfortable. We have dozens of designer pillows to choose from at our Charlotte area furniture stores.

Add Seasonal Warmth to the Table

Now is the time to stow everyday dishes in the cupboard and pull out your seasonally themed pieces. Try layering a vintage quilt over a linen curtain panel to create a one-of-a-kind tablecloth with incredible fall appeal. I like to incorporate small family photos into my table decorations. This is an instant conversation starter. Whether it’s people you know or a story that needs to be told about that picture, everyone will love this original idea for the holidays. To coordinate with the season, bring in pumpkins, nuts and fresh herbs to form a table-length centerpiece. A mix of crystal glasses and wood cutting boards share a fusion of rustic style with refined elements. The top 2014 dining room colors are rich opaque hues that bring a wonderful elegant look to the space. Try a beautiful deep burgundy or trendy dark teal to make an outstanding design statement. Avoid overwhelming the space with these dark hues, by selecting lighter colors for trim and ceiling paint as well as major textiles. This will create an excellent contemporary look that is right on track with today’s hottest interior décor styles.

Tyndall Furniture

Swap Out Summer Bedding

Swap that light weight summer quilt for your heavy-duty down comforter and thermal blankets. Snuggle into the most comfy down pillow bed from Tyndall. (Now on sale for only $99)  If you want to save money on your utility bill during colder months, set the thermostat to 62 degrees or below while sleeping. A thick comforter will keep you warm at night while saving you money at the same time. Because the bedroom is a place of rest where you begin and end your day, you’ll want to select a peaceful color palette that you will enjoy. In fact, the latest trend for 2014 is to select lighter shades of blue, green, purple, and red. These softer tones are great soothing bedroom colors that can promote a calming and relaxing environment so you can use your space for rest.

Tyndall Furniture Comforters

Well, now you are ready for the colder weather! Send us your cozy fall pictures at for chance to be featured on our blog and receive a VISA gift certificate!


Check out our Fall Clearance section here.

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