Snuggle Up With a Sectional

A sectional sofa is a wonderful tool that you can use when designing your dream home and rooms to fit inside. Forget the expected, straight lines of a loveseat and couch duo and fill your space with an interesting sectional instead. Here are a list of reasons how a new sectional can completely change your design.

Sectional from Tyndall Furniture

  1. Don’t Stash it In the Corner. Sure, a sectional typically finds its home stashed away in the corner of a room, and that can make a smaller space seem more cozy, but that’s not its only opportunity. Place it cross-sectionally in a room to chop it in half and create two distinct spaces. This is perfect for an open concept living area that shares with a kitchen or you can also create a break between a high traffic hallway and a living space.
  2. Snuggle Up. Sectionals are undoubtedly comfier for snuggling up on movie night and your family will love the added space that a sectional can add, especially with pull outs, foot rests, and ottomans. Pile on the blankets and stretch out!
  3. Make a Big Statement. A sectional can be more elegant and sophisticated with a big style statement when it’s styled in the right way. Keeping accent pillows and side tables minimal in color and texture will allow your main furniture piece to remain the center of attention but do consider over-sized lamps to pair on both ends of the sectional to balance out the room.


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