High Ceiling Design

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with high or vaulted ceilings you should design your space in a way that really shows them off. High ceilings are like a model’s long legs – everyone wants them even when they’re underdressed, but all of your guests will be really envious when you dress them up right! Here are five tips to make your high ceilings shine!

Contrast Dark to Light. Rich dark wood floors will ground the space while clean white or light paint colors pull the eye up to the ceiling.

Hang Lights from the Ceiling. Forget standing floor lamps shoved in the corner! Hang long light fixtures down from the highest point for a major impact that also brings light down exactly where you need it.

High Ceilings, Tyndall Furniture in Charlotte

Stack Photos Up. Hang elegant photos and artwork in straight rows up toward the ceiling. Start at various heights on your wall to stretch certain areas taller to emphasize the height.

Go Large. Large mirrors or artwork on the walls or over the mantle will not only serve as a focal point, but also complete a room.

Uttermost Accessories Tree Panels, S/2 Art 32147 at Tyndall Furniture Galleries,  Charlotte NC Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 10.50.50 AMUttermost Accessories Majestic Friend Art, Horse 34236 at Tyndall Furniture Galleries, Charlotte NC 

Thick Molding. The vastness of the space can handle thick molding. If you’re looking for a really luxe look you can place the molding all around the room where the walls meet the ceiling for a subtle detail.

Stripe Your Ceiling. This trend requires major courage and a professional painting crew because it’s so bold but it creates a really cool effect. Use a punchy color like silver or tiffany blue and paint broad, even stripes across the entire length of the ceiling. It’s sure to be a major conversation piece!

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