Designing in Small Spaces

The young, savvy designers who are leading home décor trends are often stuck in a small apartment or house, trying to design an interesting space without a lot of space! Luckily, you’re not alone. Sure, you can dream about the endless freedom in your ‘forever home’ but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up with what you’ve got right now. Here are a few tips from Tyndall Furniture to give your small space a boost!

Mirrors. It’s no secret that mirrors make a room look larger and brighten the space. Let a full length mirror play double duty in place of a standing mirror that would take up valuable floor space. (

Mirror from Tyndall Furniture

Open Up. Storing your belongings in a bookcase with windows will encourage you to de-clutter. When everything is out on display and stored upright, instead of flat on the ground in your closet or under the bed, you will be more likely to only keep the essentials and accompany them with fun, trendy additions. (

Bookcase from Tyndall Furniture in Charlotte, NC

 Stools. Get more use out of your living area by using stools for seating instead of big, bulky couches or full sized chairs. Choose stools that fit within the accent of your color scheme and look for interesting detail. That will make the stools an art piece when they’re sitting unused, too. Everything in a small apartment needs a purpose! (

Garden Stool from Tyndall Furniture in Charlotte, NC/Fort Mill, SC

Table Lamps. Small spaces really benefit with lots of light to improve the airiness of the room. Table lamps are super trendy right now and there seem to be infinite combinations of shades and bases. Don’t skimp out on style but do choose a skinny base so that you still have counter or table space to work with! (

Table Lamp from Tyndall Furniture in Charlotte, NC/Fort Mill, SC

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