A Pinterest Worthy Dining Room

Dining rooms on Pinterest are becoming more simple, chic, and soft. There’s something elegant and interesting about a soft, plush dining room and the little details jump out in the flat color palate. When the color scheme is simplified the textures, patterns, and ornamentations take center stage. Minimal design in a dining room isn’t so much about removing furniture and baring the space, it’s actually about minimizing the impact points to create a more cohesive space that works together for one design goal. Simplicity and softness are now reigning supreme in the most trend-worthy Pinterest inspired dining rooms.

A Pinterest Worthy Dining Room from Tyndall Furniture in Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC

You could almost say that this compelling design style is a kind of ‘throw-back’ to a simpler time when the important details were natural and organic. It’s a sort of cleanse for the design world as small bunches of soft white flowers replace expansive faux centerpieces and clean plates take the place of busy floral patterns and flouncy napkin rings. With only a simple, neutral rug on the floor there isn’t even a textural need for a table cloth. Clean, elegant plates stack in contrast on a dark wood table and no-fuss silverware quietly add in.

Your family will breathe easy when they come in to sit down at dinner, knowing that life is a little simpler. Sit in a comfortable plush chair and pull up to a round, welcoming table under a bright chandelier or more modern globe light and revel in the light, simple space while you enjoy family time together.


Surya Rug Tyndall Furniture

Surya Rugs Floor Coverings Ashton Rug ASH1300 at Tyndall Furniture

Uttermost Accessories at Tyndall Furniture

Uttermost Accessories Damask Relief Blocks, S/4 Art 35223 at Tyndall Furniture



Armless Chairs and Table from Tyndall Furniture in Charlotte, NC

Container Marketing Dining Room Armless Chair 860BT at Tyndall Furniture

Stein World Lamp from Tyndall Furniture in Charlotte, NC

Stein World Living Room Antique Mirror & Metal Table Lamp 99758 at Tyndall Furniture


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