Let’s Talk Accessories

There is definitely a difference between the way a cake looks when the frosting is spread with a knife and when a cake is decorated with a frosting bag and piped on in a beautiful pattern. Although both may be tasty, we all gravitate towards the most attractive. When it comes to being the most attractive we all want to see ourselves, our cars and our homes as just that. We put our hair up, wear makeup and earrings, check the mirror before we go out.

The attention to detail is what makes the difference. Knowing this, means you want to feel beauty in your home too, the attention to detail. The details are the accessories, the nic-nacs, lamps, pictures, rugs and pillows that add the beauty to your surroundings. Accessories pull all your furniture together. By mimicking color combinations your eyes flow from one piece of furniture to the next and from room to room with ease. This connection with color will create a sense of calm cohesion.

 Surya Rugs at Tyndall Furniture in Charlotte, NC

Pick a place to start. If your room is empty start with your rug. Pick one with your favorite colors. Then work up. So the next step is furniture, table tops then art for the walls. If you already have furniture then use any accent colors in the upholstery to repeat in your rug and art. Colors don’t have to match exactly just blend. This way different tones of blues or greens can be use instead of being boring and only using one shade of a color.

Different Wood Stains at Tyndall Furniture in Pineville, NC and Fort Mill, SC

With that being said, let’s also discuss color of wood. Please blend your wood colors. Use oak to see dark and lighter tones in one piece and to blend with the ever popular merlot color wood. The newest trend is hand painted pieces which can blend into any room setting for a quick update. This adds interest and breaks the monotony of a set of furniture.

Hand Painted Furniture Accent Piece at Tyndall Furniture in Fort Mill, SC and Pineville, NC

Here are some examples of decorated rooms:

Tyndall Furniture in Fort Mill, SC and Pineville, NC (Charlotte, NC)

In these pictures we can see different ways to accessorize. The first picture is basically monochromatic using greys, black, cream and yellow. Her accessories are minimal. The lamp is grey, the pictures on the wall mimic the same colors as the rug and the drapes are the pop for this room. Next the middle picture is a great example of blending tones of one color. The blue on the wall is deeper that the ottoman color and the chair is lighter blue still. The accent color of green is found in the ottoman, rug and in the pillows. Her secondary accent is red. See it in the picture behind the sofa, flowers on the ottoman and the floral on the end table. She even put out red napkins on the tray to tie everything together. By placing an organic woven basket on the ottoman and adding contrasting textures of the bamboo inspired side table with a glass top to catch light she has kept interest without causing chaos. The third room is cheerful and comfortable. Using three prominent colors repeated throughout this room we show how eclectic design is pulled together with color. None of the tables match. They don’t even match in color and yet because of the color of the accessories it all looks like it goes together. Repeating the main color red from left (picture frame) to right (floral) keeps ones eyes moving in a comfortable horizontal pattern. Then the green rug balanced by green vases and the green chest keeps the space defined and grounded. Lastly the orange color in the ottoman, vase and picture behind the sofa create a vertical line that allows your eyes to flow upward. Here are three different rooms with accessories to accentuate the most attractive design trends.

I hope this post will help you when it comes time to accessorize. Remember, show your style and you can never go wrong!


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