Lounge in Style

The Pinterest styling wave has officially hit living rooms across the country as everyone is trying to get that very specific look that blends causal comfort and cool sophistication. Of course you can go crazy with festive mantel pieces above the fireplace and line your walls with inspiring custom art but a living room isn’t functional unless people have somewhere to sit! Get the basics out of the way first and then you’ll find that the little details of the ‘Pinterest transformation’ fall right into place.

Lounge Chair

The key to a great piece of furniture is the ability to play double duty, or even triple duty. First of all, the chair has to fit well within the space and be sized appropriately compared to the other furniture pieces that are around it. A lounge chair makes a great addition for any sized living room because of the freedom that you have in positioning. Unlike a sofa, or even small loveseat, this piece can feature optimum functionality as you can easily move it around the room. It’s a cute, quite functional way to add another seat without taking up too much valuable space. It might go without saying, but the chair should also be comfortable to sit in, otherwise it’s an art piece instead of a functional piece of furniture! Finally, this single seating lounge chair is a great opportunity to incorporate some fun pattern or texture into the room. Spunky geometric patterns really liven up the space and offer just enough impact in a complimentary color to the other details around the room.

Craftmaster Living Room Chair 215 at Tyndall Furniture Galleries

This Craftmaster Living Room Chair meets all of the requirements of a great little arm chair and will be the perfect piece to boost your transformation from boring meeting space to swoon-worthy Pinterest inspired living room.

Shop this look.

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