Have you been dreaming?

Are nightmares of your old bedroom haunting you? Do you feel like you will never find your sanctuary to relax in?

Retreat to sweet dreams about your new bedroom.

 tyndall furniture

Whether you want to only update your bed or get a new suite, you should consider an upholstered bed to complete the relaxing feel everyone wants in their bedroom. Choose the fabric you like and have a custom bed created for you for under $850.

tyndall furniture Tyndall Furniture Fabric Bed

Pair your new bed with existing furniture or for a truly glamorous touch add Steinworld mirrored end tables.

Tyndall Furniture Accent Piece

Tyndall Furniture Accent Piece

Bring uptown living into your bedroom with a one of a kind upholstered bed. Remember 1/3 of your life is spent in your bed. Make your bed as comfortable as it is beautiful.  Tyndall-Pedic mattresses will surround you in comfort. Come by any Tyndall Furniture Gallery to experience supportive sleep with no pressure points. Memory foam mattress sets start at $899.

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