Room To Change

Try these living room decorating ideas if you like to re-decorate from time to time: stick with neutral walls, flooring, and furniture, and let your accessories express your current style. Neutral pieces flow from one design style to the next, making redecorating on a budget a snap. Orange and aqua accents are the colors of the moment in this neutral living room, but they can be changed out over time as tastes change. Neutral palettes are livable and beautifully balanced. Walls, the color of rich cream, allow the fireplace to take center stage without any competition. Accessories are deeper in tone as a counterpoint to the room’s ethereally pale walls. Greyed mid-tones introduce more saturated color while maintaining the space’s comfortable feel. Up the trend factor by throwing in some fun patterned pillows.

Visit us at Tyndall Furniture! If you are in the Charlotte, NC we can even come to your home and help find your style!

 Neutral room with color

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