Clean Meets Rustic!

Working around all sorts of furniture and accessories every day and seeing customer after customer designing their dream rooms sometimes gives our staff the urge to redesign a room in their own house. After all, that’s what we do for our clients, why not ourselves? So, one of our staff members (and granddaughter of Charles Tyndall) is going to give you a glimpse into a room in her house. 

rustic clean lookHi there! Well, here is my room. I call it “Clean Meets Rustic.” Clean, crisp rooms with a touch of a rustic look is a growing trend amongst the design world. By “clean” I mean with minimal color. A touch of color here and there is all it takes to bring the room together. As far as rustic goes, if you spend any time on Pinterest, you’ll see mason jars being used in all sorts of design projects. I. Love. Mason Jars. I think half of the decor for my wedding will probably incorporate candles and mason jars somehow. I also love DIY projects. If you can’t tell from the photos below…

mason jar candle


This was simple, I took a mason jar and wrapped twine around the middle section, securing it with a hot glue gun. I tied another piece around it and added a metal star (which I took off a Christmas ornament!) and filled the jar with white rocks I got for $3 at Marshall’s. Inside, I actually have one of the $1 candles you can get at Walmart. I made it so the rocks cover up most of the glass part of the candle so you can’t really tell what is in it. I think this is a lot safer than using the tea light candles!

photo 3-2


On the other side of the accent piece, I added some rustic looking accessories. I love throwing mirrored/bronze pieces with an old looking piece! In this case, I chose the lock and key and an old coke (or something) bottle filled with white (fake) rose petals.

photo 5-1

Next up is a flower picture I semi-made. This frame was already painted, I just took the glass off and used the “cork board look” of the back of the picture. I hot glued flowers from Michael’s and finished it off with adding gem stones as the stems (which I got from Michael’s too).

photo 1-2I placed all of these items on this amazing mirrored Stein World piece that I got from our store (Tyndall Furniture) and finished it off with a bird cage looking chalk board– on which I had to write my favorite Bible verse 🙂

photo 2-1I placed the picture I “made” over my nightstand and a lamp I got from Tyndall Furniture as well. Notice the hourglass and owl. LOVE THEM!

photo 1-1


For the dresser, which is.. you guessed it.. from Tyndall Furniture, I just added a few accessories with different, but similar, shades of blue to bring some color in the room. If you look closely you’ll notice the blues match the blue on the picture frame I “made” and there is the same writing on the mannequin (if that’s what you call it) as on the main pillow on the bed. Little details bring a lot together!

photo 4-2Now for the bed itself! This bedroom set is from Tyndall Furniture as well. I love the leather headboard! As far as the comforter- I tried about 4 different comforter sets until I settled on this one, which I think brings the whole room together. But here’s a secret.. It’s not a set! The “comforter” is actually just a quilt that was $29.99 at Marshall’s. Between Marshall’s and Tyndall Furniture, I matched the pillows together (or didn’t match- sometimes it looks better that way!) and viola! It’s finished!

Well, that’s my room! Believe it or not, this room was redesigned in one afternoon. Come visit us at Tyndall Furniture, or, if you’re in the Charlotte, NC area, we have a team of designers that will come to your house and help makeover your room.. they won’t even charge you for their time!

Until next time, happy decorating!






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