Eclectic Bedroom

I remember, as a child, my Mother always wanted me to have a complete bedroom set. I never really understood why this was so important to her. But growing up in the depression left its mark on her. So in her eyes having the whole bedroom set was a comfort, a feeling of wealth, a security blanket that we would always have a retreat to call our own.

In today’s world I have acquired treasures from all points of the world. I have mixed and matched styles, color of wood and even added painted pieces. This eclectic trend has caught on with the younger generation and contemporary boomers like me. They are playing with all sorts of different ideas on furniture arrangements. Using an old buffet from grandma and adding an updated gray paint tone you can use it as a dresser. Take an old workbench from the garage, paint it cottage white, add a decorative pillow and its the perfect window seat.

To apply this type of design strategy in your own home, visit Tyndall Furniture Galleries. Check out the Mobel furniture that lets you create any color on any style. Also you can pick out the drawer pulls you’d like to make your bedroom completely “one of a kind”.  Mobel also makes all sizes of bedroom pieces. Use a small night stand on one side of the bed and a low chest on the other side. There are lingerie chest, and a large man size sweater chest with sliding door and drawers.


Also very popular today is incorporating an upholstered headboard into your existing bedroom furniture. Tyndall Furniture Galleries shows 4 different styles of upholstered beds from Craftmaster furniture. These headboards can come in any of the 1000 fabrics or the Paula Deen fabrics that have been so hot. Let one of the experts at Tyndall help you create that perfect room you will always have as your retreat.

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