It’s hot or it’s cold – the air that is

When it comes to designing or decorating a room, be sure to take into account vents. Have you ever sat in a restaurant and the air is from above is hitting your back and makes you cold throughout dinner. No matter what you try to do to move away from the blowing air, you feel like you are going to freeze. Be sure to think about how you will feel about putting a sofa 3 feet away from a blowing vent of both hot and cold air. Relating to that, take in to account the sun. Look in the room and see where the sun hits throughout the day.

Think about the person sitting in the chair if the vent is behind the wall.   Think about the person in the chair and on the sofa when the vent is on the divider wall.

During the summer, it could get hot in the sun exposure, especially next to a window. Likewise, it may get cold sitting the couch next the window in the winter.

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