Winning Arrangements

An area rug (or two or three) softens noises and makes your bedroom warm and cozy. Getting out of bed on winter mornings won’t be nearly as bad if you have a rug to step onto instead of cold, hardwood floors. If you choose to use one large rug, place the rug about one-half to two-thirds of the way under the bed. This way, the pattern will still show and you’ll have rug underfoot when you get out of bed.

In the dining room an area rug can help you set the tone of your space. Soft, barely-there colors and a muted pattern lend a formal, upscale feel, while bright colors and enlarged patterns are more casual. When choosing the rug for your space, you’ll want to be mindful of a few rules of thumb. First, you’ll want your rug to be at least two feet larger than your table on all sides. This will keep the chairs from getting stuck on the edge of the rug when they’re slid in and out.

Next, consider the shape of both your room and your table. Rectangular rugs work best under oval or rectangle tables, and round or hexagonal rugs are perfect for round or square tables. You’ll also want to ensure that the rug isn’t too big for the room (aim for a “border” of floor about 12 inches wide).



Still Confused?

Check out Surya’s Caesar collection. Every different rug design has complementary colors so you can mix it up and still be assured all your colors will match. This collection comes in 22 sizes including round, square and oval. I love to use Caesar 1061 in the dining room to complement reds. Caesar 1052 in the bedroom to create a tranquil feel with calming blue. And the Caesar 1012 in the family room to add color and texture to hardwood floors.

1061         1052            1012

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