The Man Cave

mancaveOkay, so we know that decorating is often times something done from the eyes of a woman. Well, at least that tends to be the “norm”. But even us at Tyndall Furniture Galleries, we know that that is not always the case! They are many men out there that are just as interested in the furniture, colors, and “knick-knacks” that make up a home! Sometimes their design aesthetic may be limited to one room in the house, i.e. the “man cave”. But often times their style touches are seen all throughout the home.

They can sometimes be found in the leather couch and chair that may sit in the living room. Do you think your man was only interested in that piece based on comfort alone? Not likely. When he sees that couch he may visualize it as a reflection of himself, rugged but classic, comfortable but supportive, and masculine but beautiful.

Or maybe it was your last purchase of the outdoor patio furniture that he really had a lot of input in buying. He probably sees that outdoor area as his sanctuary where he can go out after a long day at work and relax. Or maybe it’s the place that brings him that joyful feeling of a backyard barbecue on the weekend where he grills a delicious meal for his family. Either way, he wanted the furniture in his backyard oasis to be of a certain make and type.

At Tyndall locations we see many single men, couples, and families walk into the store for their every furniture needs! The days of “whatever you like, honey” are far from over, if they ever really existed in the first place.

So cheers to you stylish dudes with an eye for design and details!

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