A Story Worth Telling


Sit down with Don Krauss, former radio DJ and the current voice of Tyndall Furniture Galleries, and he will jokingly tell you that he has “a face for radio”. But one thing is certain, he absolutely has the voice for radio.

The Norristown, Penn. native had always dreamed of a future in radio broadcasting from the time that he was a teenager. The influence came from his experience in Germany after his father, a military personnel, moved the whole family abroad upon being stationed there. As a young “military brat”, Don would spend a lot of time listening to the Armed Forces Radio Network since it was one of the few stations broadcasting in English.

“Broadcasting has always been in my blood,” Don claims.

Don graduated high school from Oak Hill Academy in Mouth of Wilson, Va. as the Salutatorian of his graduating class. From there Don “thumbed” his way to Charlotte, NC in the hopes of starting his career in radio. He attended the Carolina School of Broadcasting, the same school that he would later manage for seven years. Don estimates that the year he attended C.S.B. he entered into a class consisting of 18-20 students and graduated with a class of 3 students who met the requirements.

“You had to be perfect,” Don recalls. “To earn your certificate you had to work with a radio station and the teachers were all actual broadcasters.”

Upon graduating Don went to work for WIST on a rock-n-roll music station. He was even named Billboard’s #1 DJ in Charlotte. The close proximity also allowed Don to return to the Carolina School of Broadcasting to help manage the school and students. Don even spent some time managing WCCB Charlotte News channel, taking that television station from near bankruptcy to a successful Fox station in Charlotte (that only recently switched from Fox to the CW).

After so many years in the rapid moving field of radio and television broadcasting, Don Krauss slowed down his pace a bit by working as a furniture sales person.

“Charles Tyndall found me and asked that I come and work for him at Tyndall Furniture Galleries,” said Don. “He had seen some of my past work and wanted me to help advertise for Tyndall.”

These days you can hear Don calling Tyndall Pedic Mattress owners to ask them how their mattress is doing, telephone conversations that often times later become the actual advertising! Even after many disconnected numbers and voicemail boxes as a response, you can still hear the enthusiasm in Don’s voice as he discusses mattresses, sleep conditions, and back troubles with your everyday “Susie Homemaker” perhaps churning homemade ice cream in the background.

When asked what Don likes the most about Tyndall Furniture Galleries he responds with no hesitation.

“The Christian atmosphere!” says Don.

According to Don, radio broadcasters are merely storytellers. You present a story to the listener through the topics discussed on air and even the companies and brands you endorse. He finds that Tyndall Furniture Galleries has a wonderful product that changes the lives of many people, therefore making it the best story to tell.

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