Rugs 101

Rugs: how do they fit?

Rugs come in all types of shapes and sizes, so how will they look the best? The function of the rug is important.

If the rug is being used in the dining room under the table, the general rule of thumb is to have the rug be 2 feet larger than the table on all sides. This will allow all the chairs to be pulled out and be able to sit flat on the carpet, so you don’t have anyone having the rocking syndrome. If the table you have is oval or rectangular, you should have a rectangular rug. If your table is round or square, you can use a round or hexagonal rug.

Are you going to have a rug in the bedroom under the bed? Have the rug start one-half to two-thirds of the way up the bed. This way you will see the pattern of the rug throughout the room and when you wake up every morning, your feet will feel the soft cushion of the carpet.

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