Synthetic Sunshine

If you are living near our Tyndall Furniture locations in North and South Carolina, then you’ll understand the conditions that I am talking about. Heck, if you are living pretty much anywhere along the Southeast, then I think this post will resonate with you. Lately it seems as though everyone is enjoying a little bit less sun than they should be this summer. What’s the reason you may ask? Well the simple truth is that we’ve had the sky falling on us almost everyday during this month of July. Dark clouds and countless downpour have made this summer 2013, one of the gloomiest ones that I can remember!

Want to add a little sunshine into your indoor spaces to get the feeling you’re lacking from outside? Some floral printed patterns could do the trick! If a garden is something you’re into when you are outside, you’ll love the addition that it will make to your space inside. Whether its a floral accessory or even a chair upholstered entirely in a flower-child fabric, it’s sure to bring some of the outdoors in.

detail_product_285815 -1


But if gardening really isn’t your thing, and you’re more of an animal lover than a plant lover, may we suggest some fun animal accents. Something as simple as a bird figurine, or a pillow stitched with an owl could makes your space transform to bring out that outdoorsy feeling!



And as always, if you can’t relate to any infatuations over plants or animals, then you really can’t go wrong with a summer color scheme to make you feel cheery again! Don’t let those dark storm clouds bring your world to gray, liven up your “insides” in a yellow, green, or even a purple and bring on the bright!


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