Ever look around your home and think it’s begging for a renovation? I’m sure
most all of us have felt that way a time or two. We stare at that one room in our house or area outside and imagine the endless possibilities of what that eye-sore would look like after a makeover! And trust us the possibilities are endless!

Well some homeowners in the Charlotte area have recently taken matters into their own hands! Instead of wishing and daydreaming about what their home could look like, they took advantage of a recent contest, Flip My House by CBS Radio and Superior Walls of North Carolina, and entered to win a $100,000 home renovation makeover! Possible contestants only needed to upload a photo of their home onto the CBS Charlotte website to enter and hope to be accepted into the list of 100 qualifiers! The contest stayed open through this past Sunday, July 7th to allow people to enter. And this Saturday, July 13th, one winner will be chosen out of the list of 100 qualifiers to receive the prize!

We at Tyndall Furniture Galleries and TyndallPedic Health Solutions were so ecstatic to be a part of this wonderful event! Not only did we feel the need to help out with the living room furniture that this winner will receive, a $10,000 value for a sofa and three occasional tables, but we thought what better way to get a good night’s sleep after a long day of renovating your home than on a Tyndall Pedic Mattress!! We knew we wanted to provide our winners with the best sleep ever to go with that best home on the block that they will soon own!

On Saturday we will be proud to watch one lucky winner walk away with the possibility for a new and beautiful home! It is our hope that everyone will come to the Flip My House event on July 13th at 10:00 am at the CBS WFNZ-AM Dog House to cheer on our new winning family! We are excited to see you all there! God bless the new winner(s), the contestants, the sponsors, and everyone in attendance!

For more information on Flip My House, please visit http://charlotte.cbslocal.com/flip-my-house/

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