Independent Thoughts

The 4th of July. What does it really stand for? When you think of the holiday I bet a few things come to mind…

Good food cooked on the grill in the backyard could be one thing. The taste of a juicy delicious hamburger probably fills your thoughts and suddenly you’re craving one. Add some french fries or maybe some grilled veggies and suddenly you’ve been transported from the seat in front of your computer, to a barbecue that would make every neighbor jealous. Your testing out some new outdoor patio furniture for this occasion, or maybe you picked up some red, white, and blue decorations just for this party.

Freshly grilled hamburger in a 4th of July setting


Maybe your first thought is fireworks. Colors of red, blue, and white bursting in the night sky. Your family cuddles close, sitting on that old quilt that usually hangs over your sofa in the living room. You know, that one you’ve had in your family for years. The loud pop rings out through the air, exciting the young children and possibly scaring your family pet.


I wonder, though, if you thought about the founding of this country. It didn’t take place at a party full of good food, bright colored decorations, or attention-grabbing fireworks. It was a group of brave men willing to fight for what they believed in; willing to fight for a freedom they knew they desired.

Now that its coming up on the 237th anniversary of the very first Independence Day and the birth of our nation, we should all stop and think about the freedoms in life that we are truly grateful for. The hamburgers, french fries, grills, decorations, fireworks, quilts, and even furniture is all something that we could live without if we needed to. (Which we are obviously so glad that we don’t have to!) But it’s our freedom that is something different. Our freedom to think, speak, act, love, and worship the way we want to is something that is so precious and wonderful, and what drives others from all over the world to America.

This 4th of July you’re invited to take a step back and think about what you love about the country you live in. Give an extra kiss to a loved one, hold your family a little tighter, and pray a silent prayer of thankfulness this 4th of July!

Happy 237th Birthday USA! May there be many more to come!


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