Meet Our New Summer Intern!



Hello! My name is Lauren Austin and I am finishing my final year at the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) for my major in public relations. This summer I will be working at Tyndall Furniture Galleries as the social media and marketing intern! The experience thus far has been wonderful and has me coming home at the end of each day excited about the work I am doing and the people that I am doing it with. 

I gained a passion for public relations and advertising early on while designing and editing my high school’s yearbook. For whatever reason, I actually LIKED the countless hours spent staring at a photoshop document moving graphics one pixel at a time until it was perfect!

Since then, I have spent the past three years of my college career in some of the most stimulating classes offered by the amazing USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications. I even spent this past May in New York City with my fellow classmates getting a more in-depth look at the advertising career world. However, not all of my time in college has been spent in class at the Carolina Coliseum. I am an active member of my sorority, Delta Delta Delta, and a former member of the Carolina Coquettes Dance Team!

With Tyndall Furniture Galleries I have learned so much already about the world of decor and design. My friends and family joke around about my addiction to HGTV, but it has come in handy so far this summer. I will be creating many of the social media posts under Tyndall Furniture Galleries’ two Facebook pages, Twitter pages, Instagram page, our Youtube account, and this WordPress blog! Received an email blast from us recently? It’s likely that I designed that ad since I am helping to create some email advertisements for Tyndall Furniture and TyndallPedic Mattress (so please don’t delete them). Lastly, I will appear with the entire Tyndall Furniture Galleries team at some events we will sponsor this summer! 

I would love to invite everyone to follow my work with Tyndall Furniture, connect with me on social media, or even come out and visit in person at an upcoming event!

Thanks for reading and God bless!


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