“Cock-a-doodle-doo” Decor

Ever met one of those women with the many roosters hiding all throughout her kitchen? It seems like everyone has! You can almost picture her now- she may be your mother, grandmother, or even your friend. And age makes no difference in this matter, I’ve even known college classmates to have the obsession.


Remember that first time you walked into her kitchen and found the animal perched in almost every corner? Or maybe you’re reading this and realizing that it’s your kitchen I’m describing and that you’ve been a “rooster kitchen” woman for quite some time now. Whether it’s a ceramic figurine, a painted plate, salt and pepper shakers, or a set of dish towels, this bird can be put on just about anything.

kitchen corner

There’s just something about that bird that “crows” country kitchen in the world of style and design. So here’s to you, you Country Kitchen Queen! Your style is definitely a cock-a-doodle-DO!

Consider yourself to be a Country Kitchen Queen? We would love to see it at http://www.facebook.com/tyndallfurniture

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