What We Can’t Live Without

Okay, we know you all have it! That one piece of furniture or decor that pulls your entire room together! It’s the thing you “can’t live without” because you know that room in your house just wouldn’t be the same if it was gone. And the funny thing is- it’s not always the most prominent piece in the room. Often times it’s your smallest accessory that catches your eye when walking into the room. Just another reminder that the little things really do count!

So why do you love it that much? Maybe it’s the color that it’s painted, or the fabric that pieced it together. Or maybe it’s been in your family for so long and has been passed down through the generations.

Whatever the case, why not design your room off of it? Make it a focal point by pulling out the color and adding in other accessories that match it! If it’s furniture, find complementary pieces that match in style or in color! You never know what design direction it could take you to!

Let us know what you can’t live without on http://www.facebook.com/tyndallfurniture

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