Create your own Bedroom

Tyndall Furniture proudly introduces

American made

Solid wood

Mobel Fine Furniture

Mobel gives you the freedom to create your own custom bedroom set to perfectly capture your own unique style. Our “Mobel Makeover” program allows you to mix and match beds from our other wood bedroom sets to create a look that best reflects your personality. We trust that as you browse through our selection you will be able to find the perfect bedroom of your dreams.

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Selecting fine wood furnishings for your bedroom begins with choosing the perfect bed. A beautiful bed creates the ultimate center piece for your bedroom retreat.

A look at the ads in the Sunday paper, or a quick online search will show you a vast selection of wood bed styles, but beware of the differences in terms of quality and construction. You may find appealing styles and prices, only to be disappointed in the value of the product. Wood furniture that is poorly mass-produced, with sub-standard material does not represent a lasting value.

For over three decades, the Mobel craftsmen of Ferdinand, Indiana have been creating the finest heirloom quality wood bedroom furniture. Mobel furniture is American through and through. Our craftsmen represent a tradition of solid American workmanship. America is an extraordinary convergence of influence, inspiration and heritage.  Mobel’s furniture lines reflect this true American style.

It is no secret that beds are the focal point of every bedroom. Beds are a reflection of personality and an expression of your own individual tastes. It is for this reason that we offer such a wide selection of wood beds to complement each of our fine wood bedroom furniture collections. Let Tyndall help you discover the beauty you can create in your personal bedroom retreat.

Custom Wood Furniture Options

Each Mobel collection comes in a standard finish and hardware configuration. To makeover to a new finish or hardware simply choose from any of the custom wood furniture options shown below. Wooden knobs are not available in Oak.

Wooden knob choices*

*Wooden knobs available in any finish option shown below

Select hardware

Select a finish

Can’t find the exact look you want? The Mobel Makeover program lets you create custom wood furniture to match the look you want. By selecting from our many finish and hardware options you now have the ability to makeover any piece of Mobel furnitsure to suit your lifestyle.

By combining in many different ways, the choices in custom wood furniture are endless. Ask a representative for details about the Mobel makeover program then let your imagination take over to create the look that best expresses who you are.

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