Focus on Foyers

Are you single? Do you have a fear of inviting friends over to your house? Do you know your home represents who you are? People take one look at your home and decide what type of person you are. Is there a lot of clutter? Are there magazines, newspapers and bills on your counter tops? Have you picked up your shoes and hung up your coat?

Focusing on the foyer is a great start to creating a beautiful organized showplace. A place you call home and are proud of it. Depending on the size of your entrance, you should have a table with a drawer for keys and mail, a chair for easy shoe removal, and a coat storage rack to organize everything.

Try not to forget that artwork says a lot about who you are. Pick something that makes you smile when you look at it. That way every time you enter your home you will feel comfort and so will your guest.

A big trend is to inject some design interest into the area where your guests first set foot — the foyer floor. If you have wood floors, consider placing a large, easy-to-clean area rug near the door.

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