A Sense of Change

Everyday in my furniture showroom I see change. Color trends change from season to season. Style trends change every market. We are a nation wanting unique and eclectic home furnishings that bring change into our homes. As a woman, it is difficult to be satisfied with my surroundings. I always want to hang a new piece of art or change my occasional tables, get a new comforter set or paint an accent wall. How exhausting!

Now I know that most companies predict how their new products will turn into top sellers. Connie Jones with McCormick’s Food Insight Group describes how they develop the yearly flavor forecast. Many themes in trending flavors cross over into the home furnishings industry. One of the flavor trends this year is Honoring Roots, which describes applying different flavors or influences to a traditional dish without fundamentally altering it. An example would be American Buffalo wings with Korean barbecue flavors.

This got me thinking, isn’t this exactly what we want in our home? A sense of change without altering our original homey surroundings.

 A new set of lamps add “flavor” for grandma’s traditional console table. Get a new feel to the priceless Oriental rug from Aunt Jane by adding a new transitional cocktail ottoman. In today’s ever changing world we can use our time honored roots to expand our taste in new flavors.


This fall our trends in home furnishings include natural elements – straw, rattan, jute and sustainable woods underscore the clean appeal of the organic movement. Look for geometric prints, handmade artisan designs and a return to light finishes or pale natural wood finishes to lighten up the overall mood.

Accent colors will be bold pops of orange, citron and turquoise to accentuate a pale neutral-hued landscape.


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