Many of us are approaching midlife or retirement age. We want to maintain beauty in our homes as we get rid of the big bulky furniture from our last home with children and pets.

Now let’s talk about small furniture. Tyndall Manor is our custom line that allows you to create the small sofa of your dreams as well as accent chairs and loungers. Tyndall furniture also carries two vendors that allow custom table and chair sets. You can start with a 30” round or square table, select the stain or color, then pick the style of chair or stool you like. Of course, these tables vary in size and shape, but to know you can get that small with a fantastic style is unbelievable. When it comes to your bedroom Tyndall Furniture has many space saving ideas. We can pair your bed with storage drawers under the bed, eliminating the need for a chest. In addition, we can find dressers with extra jewelry storage. All of these options eliminate the need for too many pieces of furniture.

When you downsize this is the most important advice… less is more, meaning to keep your home simple and clean. Do with as little as possible and then accessorize with family heirlooms and cherished momentums. This way you will feel surround by family and friends instead of stuff.

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