Keepin’ Things Local.. and Green!

Tyndall Furniture Galleries is proud to support local manufacturing. One of our best selling is brands is Craftmaster of Taylorsville, NC. “Green” furniture has always been available, but now it seems to be going mainstream. Environmental concerns, such as awareness of how deforestation impacts climate change and the effects of toxic finishes on the air inside homes have led furniture buyers to demand “green” furniture.

Craftmaster offers Earthcare Inside program featuring environmentally friendly products designed with you in mind. This program embraces components created from renewable or recycled materials, products that have a smaller environmental footprint while maintaining the highest quality and value.

Craftmaster’s owner Samson Holdings produces more than 120 different styles of upholstered furniture in over 1,100 fabrics and leathers. The company also produces the Paula Deen and Better Homes & Gardens upholstery licensed collections under the Universal Furniture label.


What better way can you help your environment than to support local and green companies? Great style with great value. Beautiful, designer fabrics with a value price that actually help our environment. Let the Dream design team at Tyndall Furniture Galleries show you how easy it is to create your own Craft-masterpiece!


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