Pinterest Pick of The Week 2/11/12

Hi Everyone! AJ here. Anyone who knows me, knows of my obsession with Pinterest. So when asked to share a DIY project or Home Decor layout once a week, I didn’t even hesitate!

This week’s pick is something I have always wanted to try (and succeed). I even bought an old piece of furniture from a friend my third year of college and attempted this. It definitely did not turn out this way, but I also didn’t have the Pinterest DIY & Crafts section to help me out then.

Sometimes when designing  a room, you don’t have to buy every single thing brand new. Throwing in a refinished dresser, like the one below, can complete a room and make it extremely unique. I mean think about it, if you take the time to refinish a piece of furniture, there is not another one like it in the entire world. That’s about as unique as it gets.

When perusing through all of the DIY projects on Pinterest, I found this:

I absolutely love how Recaptured Charm used a metallic finish and chose to put a mirror on top! This project looks simple enough and can add that special flare to any room.

Hope you have better luck than I did! I most certainly will have to try this project again.

Until next week,


(Photo & project credit thanks to Recaptured Charm)


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