My, What a… Cluttered Room!

Try these tips:

  • Invest in furniture that plays double duty offering storage as well as style.
  • In the living room use a storage ottoman instead of a coffee table.
  • Storage ottomans not only help hide clutter but can provide extra seating and a place to put your feet up and relax .
  • Opt for solid end tables with doors or drawers to fill with everything you need within arms length.
  • Make the focal point of your room functional by incorporating bookcases or entertainment center with closed door cabinets and open shelves.
  • Keeping your house neat and orderly can be quite a challenge, especially if you are living with young children. A typical day in your household would probably include toys scattered all over the living room floor, your teenage daughter’s clothes left sprawling on her bed, and your office papers piled in disarray over the kitchen counter. It can be exhausting having to keep up with organising all that mess day after day. With a few changes in furniture, however, you can start enjoying a clutter-free home.
  • The living room is usually the busiest part of the house. This is where you and your family can gather and talk. It is also the place where you entertain guests. By using cleverly-designed furniture, cleaning up clutter can be quick and easy. For example, you can use an ornamental chest as a coffee table. It looks interesting, plus, it also doubles as storage space. You can use it to keep old newspapers, photo albums, and magazines. Ottoman chairs that have a removable lid are also a great buy. If your children are fond of playing in the living room, you can use these Ottoman chairs to store their playthings. Since all you have to do is open the lid to reveal storage space, your kids can easily learn how to pick up their toys and keep them hidden from sight in a matter of seconds! By using pieces of furniture that also double as storage space, it is easier for you and your family to organize your things and keep your house clutter-free! 
  • Did you know that decluttering office space does not mean remodeling or reposition furniture? Although it is nice to be able to remodel your office and reposition your furniture, this is not what makes you efficient. The most important area of your office is your actual work space, and this is the area you should concentrate on if you want to optimize your day.
  • What will improve your efficiency is having a work space that is clear of clutter and situated in a manner that will optimize your ability to produce. When office clutter becomes an issue, your ability to complete tasks will be negatively affected. We all know how important it is to find documents and items we need on a daily or weekly basis. Even items we only need a few times a month can become easily lost unless you declutter office space and organize files. Rather than risk losing a client or your job, make a point to get organized!
  • Many desks include slots for labels on drawers. If yours does, make it a point to use them. This could be beneficial should you miss work one day and someone needs to find a specific file in your desk. Plus, drawer labels will help you find each document’s rightful place. Words, colors, and dates can help you declutter office work space effectively.

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