Want to design YOUR perfect bedroom??

    • Consider first the amount of clothing and accessories to be stored. Look at the amount of closet space, is there sufficient hanging and shelf space? Estimate the number of drawers needed, begin comparing pieces.
    • The second thought is to available floor space. If floor space is too tight you may consider placing a dresser in the closet for easy access and added floor space in the bedroom. Once these two factors are determined, you can move on to size and style.
    • Evaluate whether one larger piece or multiple smaller pieces would better fit the size of the room. Several tall, dark pieces can be overwhelming in a small room. Also a large room with one or two small, low pieces may appear stark and under furnished. Sometimes its best to seek help from an experienced decorator.
    • Choose the furniture style you prefer. Take measurements including depth of all pieces you envision in your bedroom. Sketch out a scale model of your room with the pieces you like. This will give you a good idea of whether your dream pieces will fit in your available space. (Often they won’t except in your imagination)
    • Knowing the size of bed you prefer will be a good starting point. Once you’ve determined how much space the bed will use, other pieces can be worked in to meet your storage needs.
    • Will you need a bureau (or two), an armoire, a vanity, night stands, a lingerie chest or jewelry chest. A few larger furniture pieces  will allow you to have more options in arranging the room and keep the room feeling more open and relaxed.

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