Color Palette

Your palette should consist of three colors: a light, medium and dark. These three colors will form the foundation of your room. The floor color should be a bit darker than the walls and ceiling. This helps ground the room. You can use each color more than once for a coherent feeling. Large furniture pieces should have the medium-tone from your color palette. Darker colors should be used as accents. By rotating the three colors, you can place greater emphasis on the background or furniture.

Decorators know the way we perceive color is very personal and emotionally charged. Colors can make us feel calm or energized, happy or sad, edgy or relaxed. They can affect the mood of a room as well, making it seem open and airy or small and cozy. The important part of choosing color is finding the colors and shades that are right for you and your family. A color scheme brings cohesiveness to your home’s appearance.

How do you go about choosing a color that reflects your personality and tastes? If you’re not sure what color to start with, look at what is already in each room. A picture, rug, bedspread, window treatments or the fabric on a favorite chair may provide a color pattern and inspiration from which to start. Use these colors to come up with the color palette from which you will work. You want to use colors that complement what’s already in your home if you are not planning to purchase new furniture and fabrics.

What’s that picture? It’s our Lyndon 540 Latitudes Dining Collection which features casual contemporary styling made from New Zealand Pine Veneers & Pine Solids with a Natural Finish. 

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